Business and Engineering Systems Corporation is a data engineering company that develops integrated Big Data Solutions for our customers.  Our business is helping customers extract value from their data. We provide cost effective solutions to integrate social media, unstructured text, geo-located data and satellite data into global synoptic solutions for business intelligence, situational awareness, supply chain management and market analysis

Data Management

  • Federated search systems associated with the 4Dv platform can interface with repositories, search engines, databases and web services
  • Data ingest systems for social media, streaming data and large data repositories.
  • Multi-level security and access control systems, automatic analyst auditing, traceability and related capabilities,

Location-based Data

  • Geocoders that convert a location data tag to the geospatical reference or features. (Country, Province, County, City and or venue)
  • Geo-timeline.  System that organizes data on a map by time
  • User accessible geospatial channel manager.  User selects area and system automatically channelizes the data stream based on geographic input.

Event Detection, Alerting and Monitoring

  • Automated event detection based on a wide range of statistics, concepts, topics or volumetrics
  • Operations monitoring based on topic, location and other user definable metrics
  • Alerts based on geospatial detection
  • Time series alerts based on various types of signal processing algorithm
  • Alerting systems based on topics, geographic positions, geofences, changes in time series data and correlations and event

Semantic Mining and Analysis

  • Semantic mining system that can ingest text using graphical queries to structure documents or microblogs by location, topic or concept
  • Analysis and reporting modules that allow a user to review a text element and generate report
  • Security control systems that control access and distribution of products or finished products to customers who have a need to know access or conflict of interest restrictions

We Are Hiring!

We are looking for qualified applicants interested in actively designing,  developing, or testing big data applications.